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Sunday, June 25, 2006

This Looks Like Fun!

Gimme Your Stuff

I would be willing to exchange
Craft items, Alpaca Yarn, Pure wool
Candy - Australian made licorice,

Suga lollies (the best boiled lollies on the planet)
Food + Drink - Chocolate, Tim Tams, Milo, Dried Fruit, Tinned items, Mandurah tea, Flavoured coffees, Fanta,

Australian Wines from the Yarra Valley, Australian Olive Oil

Clothing - I live near the largest Harley Davidson retailer in Victoria (Harley Heaven - Brunswick)

Hats (with corks if wanted)

Newspapers, Magazines
Just About Anything !

Looking for =

Anything Salvation Army, Anything about Trams, Trolleys, Street Cars, MonoRails, Trains, Electric Traction - eg Postcards, maps, uniform items, badges, pins, name plates, lets chat.

Wines, Oils, Sweets, Snacks, cute, cutural decorative items


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